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Who's Who


Mrs M. Ellel

Senior Leadership Team

Senior Leadership Team 1 Miss L McKay - Associate Deputy Headteacher
Senior Leadership Team 2 Mrs D. Whelan

Associate SENDCO - Miss Natalie Hourigan








Associate SENDCO - Mrs Carole Atkinson


Reception 1 Mrs D. Whelan
Reception 2 Mrs J McNally

Year 1 Class

Year 1 Class 1 Mrs A Heyworth
Year 1 Class 2 Mrs G Naylor

Year 2 Class

Year 2 Class 1 Miss C. Harpur
Year 2 Class 2 Mrs V Seddon

Year 3 Class

Year 3 Class 1 Miss A Coley
Year 3 Class 2 Mrs S James

Year 4

Year 4 1 Miss N Hourigan
Year 4 2 Mrs S Tattersall

Year 5 Class

Year 5 Class 1 Mr R Garnett
Year 5 Class 2 Mrs L Sullivan

Year 6 Class

Year 6 Class  1 Mrs C Slater
Year 6 Class  2 Mrs Y Slater

Our Family Learning Mentor


Mrs J. Cook


Sports 1 Mr M McNulty

Rev. C. Hill - or Father Charlie to us !

Rev. Dr.Mark Jason




The Office

The Office 1 Mrs K. Wyatt
The Office 2 Mrs J. Kennedy

Dinnertime staff

Dinnertime staff 1 Miss J. Irwin
Dinnertime staff 2 Mrs K. Allen
Dinnertime staff 3 Miss L. Lynch
Dinnertime staff 4 Mrs J. Cook

Our cleaning team

Pecuniary Interests

Mrs Yvonne Slater - Director of Iain Slater Plumbing, Heating and Building Services