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Who's Who


Mrs M. Ellel

Senior Leadership Team

Miss L McKay - Associate Deputy Headteacher
Mrs D. Whelan

Associate SENDCO - Miss Natalie Hourigan








Associate SENDCO - Mrs Carole Atkinson


Mrs D. Whelan
Mrs J McNally

Year 1 Class

Mrs A Heyworth
Mrs G Naylor

Year 2 Class

Miss C. Harpur
Mrs V Seddon

Year 3 Class

Miss A Coley
Mrs S James

Year 4

Miss N Hourigan
Mrs S Tattersall

Year 5 Class

Mr R Garnett
Mrs L Sullivan

Year 6 Class

Mrs C Slater
Mrs Y Slater

Our Family Learning Mentor


Mrs J. Cook


Mr M McNulty

Rev. C. Hill - or Father Charlie to us !

Rev. Dr.Mark Jason




The Office

Mrs K. Wyatt
Mrs J. Kennedy

Dinnertime staff

Miss J. Irwin
Mrs K. Allen
Miss L. Lynch
Mrs J. Cook

Our cleaning team

Pecuniary Interests

Mrs Yvonne Slater - Director of Iain Slater Plumbing, Heating and Building Services