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Wellfield Methodist and Anglican Church School home page

Wellfield Methodist and Anglican Church School

Class Ambassadors & Worship Warriors

'Learning & Growing Together Through Faith, Hope & Love'

Our Church School Vision - What it means to us...

Reception Class Ambassadors

"If you believe in God, he will help you learn." Max


"I hope to learn lots of things so I can be a police officer."  Maia-Rose 


"It means teamwork."  Jaxon 


"You love people in school."  Olivia



Year 1 Class Ambassadors

Year 2 Class Ambassadors

"We should be loving and caring towards each other"  Lucas


"Looking after people"  Sienna


"Believing in ourselves"  Merida

Year 3 Class Ambassadors

Learning and growing together through faith, hope and love means:



Being in the same place

Trusting one another

Being together at the same school

Growing with your friends


Sticking together

Joining in with God

Meeting new people


Helping others


Year 3 

Year 4 Class Ambassadors

'We learn and grow in the hands of God.'  Charlie


'Hope means that if you have faith you can accomplish anything.'  Jessie


'We are a team that protect each other.' Ethan


'I have faith that I will be a good person.' Rylee

Year 5 Class Ambassadors

'Having faith means you believe in God, Jesus, family and friends.  Learning and growing together means that our teachers are helping us to learn and we will grow throughout our time in school.  We are the seeds and the teachers are the gardeners helping us to achieve our goals.'  Laila



Year 6 Head Boy/Girl, Deputy Head Boy/Girl

Our school vision means that everyone is showing love to each other and that we will all learn, grow and show kindness.  We are all one family and Jesus hoped that everyone would be kind and thoughtful towards each other and that we would always support one another.'  Sienna


'We all love and treat each other the same like John Wesley asked us to, 'we watch over each other in Love.' We also know that hope comes from God because he wants us to do well and not come to any harm.' Neive


'We grow with one another with hope and faith guiding us and love keeping us together.' Ethan


'Our school vision links to John Wesley:  'Watching over one another in love..' because we are being watched over by God and the adults in our life to make sure we are safe and happy.'  Emma

Our School Mental Health Champions