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Wellfield Methodist and Anglican Church School

High School Information

Even though the children have just started in Year 6, your thoughts, I know, will be already on their next step in their educational journey and deciding on which high school is best for your child. The deadline for secondary school admissions is 31st October 2022. There is a link below to the online admissions page. Over the next few weeks, there will be lots of open days and evenings that will allow you to go and have a look at the different schools in the area. I've spoken with the children about their possible destinations and have created folders for each of the schools they have talked about. Within these there will be links to the school as well as any information they send to me leading up to the deadline. If you have any questions about transition to high school then please feel free to nip in and ask me. The open evening dates will appear on our school's home page under diary dates.