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Year 5

Picture 1 Mrs D. Gadd (Class Teacher)
Picture 2 Mrs Y Slater (Class Teaching Assistant)
Picture 3 Mrs V Taylor-Seddon (Class Intervention Assistant)

In art, we have focused on our drawing skills and have drawn a range of food. Here are some examples. I am sure you will agree that they are amazing.

This half term our science unit is all about reversible and irreversible changes. Here are some pictures of an experiment we conducted with bicarbonated of soda, citric acid and red cabbage liquid. We discussed what evidence we had to prove that a reaction had taken place.

Welcome back for another year of exciting learning. Here is a copy of our yearly overview of topics.

Welcome back to the Spring 2 - it looks like we're going to be busy!

Welcome back to  the Spring 2 - it looks like we're going to be busy! 1
Please see below for a detailed plan of the learning we shall be covering this half term. Please note that Year 5 will stop going swimming after their last session on Tuesday 26th February, and that PE will be on a Monday and a Wednesday.

Weekly Plan (Spring 2)

Weekly Plan (Spring 2) 1

Key Learning (Spring 2). Below is the link to the key learning in Year 5 for the next 6 weeks.

Picture 1
Please see below for detailed information about the learning we shall be covering this half term. Please note that swimming shall begin on Tuesday 22nd January

Weekly Timetable

Weekly Timetable 1

Key Learning (Spring 1)

Picture 1

Please remember that supporting your child's learning is key to their success. Encourage your child to always do their best and be proud of their achievements. Help them with their daily reading, learning of times tables and weekly homework tasks- and make time for the fun things: visits to the park; borrowing books from the library; going to a museum or an art gallery; baking and making things together... 


Please get in touch if there is something which is troubling you, or your child - however trivial it may appear.


Many thanks


Mrs Gadd


Year 5 have been quite busy lately with a variety of exciting activities including creating tasty biscuits as part of our Design and Technology work; producing an excellent Class Assembly which included a recital of 'The Highwayman' and two pieces on the xylophone. Additionally, we are working very hard on our Maths and English work so we can evidence that we are making good progress with our individual targets.

Our biscuit creations - hugely enjoyed by our Year R 'seeds'

Performing 'The Highwayman'

Performing 'The Highwayman' 1
Playing the xylophones during our Class Assembly
Picture 1
Please look carefully at the Weekly Plan so you now when Year 5 has PE etc.
Picture 1

Below is the Topic Map showing the different areas of learning for this half term.