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Week Commencing 4th May



Here are the weeks activities for Maths. I have included the lesson starter and some guidance on how to complete each task, there are then some questions for each lesson that you can work through with an adult and then the independent questions to show your learning.


For each lesson the ‘True or False’ or 'Discover' part should be done together to see how your child can work the questions out and are a basis for the learning of that lesson. The video link part of it or the PowerPoint will help both you and your adults who are supporting understand what the questions are asking and for the learner to check they are on the right path. 
Once these have been done your child can then move onto the ‘questions’  or 'Thinking Together' part where they can complete questions which are a variation of the initial discovery question. These can be done with support and guidance if needed. After this your child should complete the last couple of questions which are problem solving and reasoning questions, which will show how much they know and understand. 
If at any point you or your child are struggling please email me to our class email and I will try to support