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Week Commencing 20th July

Focus theme: Wallace and Gromit  
This is a fun film week based around Wallace and Gromit. Enjoy some of the films, find out about their creator and get creative yourself! 
When following links, parents should monitor that children are remaining on that page only and are keeping safe online. 

Lesson 1:

The Wrong Trousers


Watch and enjoy the clip below from Wallace and Gromit. The Wrong Trousers – Train Chase – Wallace and Gromit:

In the clip, only Wallace speaks. View the clip again and note down what Wallace says. 
Today, you are going to write out the scene as a story. Think about what happens in each part of the clip. How does it start?  What happens next?  Note down the stages to help you remember. 
Think about the choice of verbs and adverbs that you use. This is an action scene so how can you make it exciting for the reader?  E.g. When Gromit is laying the track down you might say: ‘Gromit quickly put new track down.’ This could be improved to: ‘Gromit frantically flung pieces of the track down.’ 
Make sure that you include the speech from Wallace that you noted earlier.  Use inverted commas and other punctuation to indicate direct speech e.g. “Help me Gromit!” cried Wallace. 
Try to include some of the Year 4 sentence types that you have looked at in school, e.g. where or when fronted adverbials e.g.

• Eventually, Wallace and Gromit caught the penguin.    

• Under his arm, the penguin held a hessian sack. 

Lesson 2:


Nick Park Biography


Today you are going to find out about the Wallace and Gromit creator, Nick Park. You are going to take some notes from your reading and then produce a fact file all about him. 
Find out some information about Nick Park here:

Make some notes from what you have read. Use the headings to help you.

- Early Days

- Creating Wallace and Gromit

- Films and Awards 
Now write your own fact file about Nick Park. Use your notes to write from. Think about your layout. Include an introduction, sub headings, an image and bullet points. You could include a quick fact box that has key dates in related to Nick Park, e.g. date of birth, place of birth, date Wallace and Gromit was created, etc. 

Lesson 3:


Cracking Contraptions


Watch and enjoy some cracking contraptions from Wallace and Gromit.  

Soccamatic – Cracking Contraptions – Wallace and Gromit:


Autochef– Cracking Contraptions – Wallace and Gromit:


Tellyscope– Cracking Contraptions – Wallace and Gromit:


The Snoozatron– Cracking Contraptions – Wallace and Gromit:


Which is your favourite cracking contraption and why?  


Imagine that you have tested out your favourite contraption from these clips.

You are going to write a review of it.

How well did it work?

Are there any parts that worked exceptionally well?

Are there any parts that could be improved?

What rating would you give the contraption?


Start by drawing a picture of the contraption. Then write all the positive things about it, what worked well and which parts you liked. Now, write any areas for improvement. Finally, give the product a star rating and state whether you would recommend it or not! 

Lesson 4:


Design Your Own Cracking Contraption


Can you create your own cracking contraption? What will it do? Is it something to help you in your everyday life? Is it something that will help your mum/dad or a member of your family? How will it work? What will it be made out of?


Possible ideas:

- a bed maker

- a room tidier

- a self-mowing lawn mower

- a robot cleaner

- a robot that completes your homework

- anything else that you like! 
Remember, Wallace’s contraptions are made from everyday items that can be found around the house. Draw a diagram of your contraption and label it. 
Show your diagram to a member of your household and tell them all about it.  This will help you with your task tomorrow! 

Lesson 5:


Write an explanation on how your contraption works.


Today you are going to write an explanation of how your contraption works. Think about any explanation texts that you have written previously.


How to write an explanation text.


Use the above page to scroll down and download The Explanation Writing Pack if you need more help on how to write an explanation text.


Things to include:

- a title

- a short introduction

- logical steps explaining how your contraption works

- time adverbials to start your sentences

- causal conjunctions to explain why, e.g. because, so that, in order to

- the present tense

- some diagrams/illustrations. 
Read back through your work to check for spellings and punctuation. Have you managed to include any Year 4 writing skills? 

Additional Activities;


If you enjoy Wallace and Gromit, you may enjoy Morph.  


EP23 Perspective – Retro Morph:


• Spend some time browsing through the website: There are lots of things to do here!  Note: Some activities require adult supervision.  


• Have a go at making your own Morph (or Wallace or Gromit) out of clay or plasticine:  How to Make Morph with Jim Parkyn: 


• Use a story board to create your own short story involving Wallace and Gromit or your own characters.