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Week Commencing 20th July



Here are the weeks activities for Maths. I have included the lesson PPT which is some guidance on how to complete each task, there are then some questions for each lesson that you can work through with an adult and then the independent questions to show your learning.


For each lesson please can you choose *3 or 4* questions from one of the sheets on VF (Varied Fluency). You do not need to do anymore of these, it is just like we do in class.

If you are happy with these questions please then move on to the RPS (Reasoning and Problem Solving) question sheet and again only complete *3 or 4* of the questions. Again it is just like we do in class.


If you do complete one set of questions on the VF sheet, and you would like more practice rather then problem solving then you can try the next level.


** I do not want you to complete all the questions in each sheet as they are different levels for similar questions.**


If at any point you or your child are struggling please email me to our class email and I will try to support.