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Week Commencing 20th April



Focus text: The Train to Impossible Places by P.G. Bell 
This week is all about the first two chapters of this magical story.  You have five sessions linked to the book. We will read and analyse these chapters ready for you to write your own chapter at the end of the week. This chapter will be your assessed piece of work and will go in you extended writing books.


On the LoveReading website you do not need to buy the book but read/download the extract, this is all you will need for this weeks learning.

Lesson 1:


Read and enjoy Chapter 1 of the text together  https://www.lovereading The-Train-to-ImpossiblePlaces-by-P-G-Bell.html (You will need to become a member of the LoveReading4Kids community.  Membership is free). 
This could be by reading the text to your child or by reading a paragraph, or page, to each other or independent reading. 
Look at the vocabulary in the chapter. Find these words and discuss the meaning: sprawled, stifle, unruly, enthusiasm, rare, affliction, sparked, forming, oblivious.  Are there any other words that you can find that are exciting words or any new words? Discuss meanings of these words.


Look up some of the new words you have found in a dictionary or by using Word Hippo (A free app) https://www.wordhippo. com/ 
Can you find synonyms for your words and write these as a word bank that you might use later in the week? Create a wordsearch or a crossword using the new words that you have explored. See if someone in your family can solve either your wordsearch or crossword. 

Lesson 2:


Re-read Chapter 1 together  https://www.lovereadin 9/The-Train-toImpossible-Places-by-PG-Bell.html Print this if you can so your child can use a highlighter pen, if you are unable to do this most computers and tablets have a highlighting function (add notes on laptops) where you can annotate the text.
Highlight all the information you read about Suzy. If you cannot do this on the text, write a list in your Home Learning books.
Now create a fact file or top trumps card about Suzy using the information you have read.  
Check spelling and punctuation in each sentence.

Lesson 3:


Read Chapter 2 (https://www.loveread 6259/The-Train-toImpossible-Places-byP-G-Bell.html) Discuss any new/interesting vocabulary that you encounter. 
Look at the character Fletch. Draw a picture of what you think Fletch might look like. Annotate the picture using words from the text to describe his appearance and any that describe his personality. 
Write a short character description of Fletch.  

Lesson 4:


Re-read chapter 2 and the starting page of Chapter 3 (https://www.lovereadi 259/The-Train-toImpossible-Places-by-PG-Bell.html) Plan the next chapter for the story. 
Use a method for planning that we have used at school. (Story map, story mountain, box-up plan, Talk4Writing) 
Think about the following: 
What do you think has happened to Suzy? 
What will Suzy see when she wakes? 
Will Fletch be there? 
Where do you think the train is going? Is it to an imaginary place? (Think about the title of the book).

Will Suzy’s parents wake up? Will Suzy and Fletch become friends? Think about their personalities that you have looked at on Tuesday and Wednesday. 
What do you think will happen next?  

Lesson 5:


Orally retell the story so far.
Write your own chapter of what you think will happen next. 
Think about all the writing techniques that you have been taught and see how many you can use in your chapter. Can you include any of the new words that you have explored this week? 
Read back your chapter out loud and check back over your spelling and punctuation.

Additional Activities if you have enjoyed reading The Train to Impossible Places.


You might also enjoy the opening extract from ‘A Pinch of Magic’ 

Or the book ‘Nevermoor’ by Jessica Townsend. 

• Draw a picture of your own imaginary place/world. Google ‘Imaginary Worlds’ for some inspiration. 
• Write a description of your imaginary world through the eyes of Suzy. 
• Create a graphic novel/story board of the story so far.