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WB: 23.3.20 'The Maker'

Week commencing 23rd March.

This week we will be exploring a short video called ‘The Maker’. In the video an unusual rabbit type creature has the task to make another, but what happens when the timer runs out?
We have watched and discussed the video in class and over the next few days I will be asking the children to explore the video in more depth and produce some work based on it. 


The link to the video is below.


Please complete these activities in your home learning journals in pencil or blue pen using your neatest handwriting :) 

Kids classroom secrets


This is a website that has lots of interactive games and activities to complete for each subject. Below is the link to the English and grammar pages. Everyone now has a log in. 

Username: 263946firstname      for example, Harry =     263946harry

Password: 123


For children who have the same name as someone else you also need your first initial of your surname 

for example:   263946avab    123



SPaG activities I would like you to complete this week:


1. Year 3 Autumn Revision

2. Year 3 Using adverbs to express time and place

3. Year 3 Using adverbs to express time, place and cause

4. Year 3 Using prepositions to express time and place

5. Year 3 Using prepositions to express time, place and cause

Additional English activities


Inside your home learning pack I have included some Year 3 SPAG mats.

Each one should take approximately 15 minutes to complete.



Other grammar activities.

These are optional activities that will benefit your learning but are not compulsory,


Bears to complete questions 1-3

Elephants, Giraffes and Owls to complete questions 4-6

Dragons to complete questions 7-9