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Lesson 3:


Today you are going to start your independent extended write, you can start it today and then complete and edit it tomorrow. This will be the final scenes of Macbeth, scenes 6, 7 and 8.


I suggest that you re-watch each scene and write down the key events in each, so that you have an extra mini plan on what you are going to write. This will be similar to what we did on Tuesdays lesson. Once you have a plan of you scene you can start to write it in the narrative form. Please remember to use a variety of punctuation (ellipsis, brackets, semi-colons etc) and include interesting vocabulary (banquet, crevice, sullen etc) and grammatical forms (fronted adverbials, relative clauses, short sentences etc) also include lots of description and if any speech make sure you explain the actions too. 


This is going to be an assessment piece of writing so when you hand in your lockdown books next week I will be able to mark it properly. As it is an assessment piece can you also be aware of you presentation, it will need to be in a blue/black pen and set out like we do in class.


Below I have put the links to the BBC Macbeth videos and also the examples of the story if you are stuck for any ideas.