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w/c 25.01.2021

Please use the PowerPoint presentations to recap what has been taught in today's zoom lesson.  The next two pdf documents are your child's independent activity.  If you look at the bottom of each sheet, one sheet says: 'Developing", the next sheet says: "Expected" and the next sheet says: "Greater Depth".  As a guide Lions should complete the "Developing" activities, Pumas and Tigers complete the "Expected" activities and Jaguars and Leopards complete the "Greater Depth" activities. 


Please complete the Varied Fluency activity BEFORE moving onto the Reasoning and Problem Solving activity.


I have also posted an extra challenge for children but this is optional.  I have also provided a times tables help sheet for those of you who need it.  Thank you.

Practise your method first...

Practise your method first...

Why not have a bit of fun with your times table practise..?

Can you create your own version of this game for different tables? 

How will you calculate what the numbers should be?