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W/C 23.11

Lesson 1:


Today we will be looking at a poem which is found in our Running Wild book. First, can you read through the poem and highlight any unknown words or phrases. Can you also highlight any important features, maybe repetition?


Once you have done this I would like you to find out the meaning of any unknown words and present it with a picture (like the example below).

Lesson 2:


Today I would like you to draw a picture of the Tyger, like we started at the beginning of term. Please re-watch the video's explaining some possible meanings behind the painting. When you start creating your own, remember to sketch lightly first making sure your proportions are ok and then using any medium (crayon/paint/felt tip etc) you like colour it in.

Lesson 3:


Today we are starting to develop our own Tyger Tyger poem.


Firstly, look at images of a tiger, mindmap initial notes (words and phrases) to describe the appearance of a tiger. Think about the colours, shape and beauty of the creature.


Then, watch a number of short video clips of a tiger walking, stalking and hunting its prey. Write down how you can describe the way the tiger moves at different times, from slowly, silently stalking its prey to sprinting and pouncing on a kill.


Plan your ideas around four areas of description; Appearance, Movement, Danger, Opinion. In each part write down key vocabulary and notes which we will come back to tomorrow.

Lesson 4:


Re-read the Tyger Tyger poem, can you identify the rhyming words and structure which the author has used. Write down words that describe a tiger. Thinking about the words associated with describing a tiger, can you think of any new pairs of words that rhyme?


Now, choose at least 10 descriptive words about a tiger. For each one, provide 3 rhyming words. Highlight the most suitable rhyming word and give me reasons why it is the most suitable.

Lesson 5:


Watch the video


Can you add any notes and description to your planning on the tigers appearance, movement and danger?


Today I would like you to write out you Tyger Tyger poem, please make sure your presentation is neat and it has the key features of a poem.