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Lesson 3:


Every year Jews remember and celebrate the Passover this is when, through Moses God led his people to freedom. To understand this watch the films below;


What is Passover? – BBC religious studies – My Life My Religion – Judaism

The Passover Seder: what to expect.


In your lockdown books can you write a sentence or two answering these questions:  Why is this event so significant? How does this belief make a difference to the lives of Jewish people today? Why is it important to remember? Would it matter if this event was forgotten?


The festival is full of symbolism. Look at a Seder plate – the image below. The Seder plate is basically a plate full of memories.

Can you now create your own plate of food full of memories which will link to the Seder plate.



This story is significant for both Jews and Christians. Christianity is rooted in Judaism. Jesus celebrated Passover with his family and friends. Can you find the link between the common elements of the Passover Meal, the Last Supper and the Eucharist. 


The Passover Seder: What to Expect

If you're heading to a Passover Seder, it helps to know a little bit about what to expect. This video explains the basics, from the props on the table to the...

Make your own Seder Plate