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W/C 16.11

Lesson 1:


We are starting our new topic and new novel this week. For our first lesson I would like you to look at the image below, we have become stranded in an unknown place (this can be anywhere remote like mountains, desert, jungle, sea) what would be in your survival kit? I would like you to write down your 5 most valuable items and then explain why you have chosen them and what they do.


Please see a photo of our class example below also. 

Today we are having a Diwali Day. Have a read of the PowerPoints and then choose which activities you would like to complete. We have a variety of activities from;


English where I would like you to create TopTrump cards for the gods and goddess'.

Maths where I would like you to have a go at creating and colouring your own Rangoli pattern, but there are also some you can print off and complete.

Art where I would like you to create some Diwali silhouette art.


Lesson 3:


For the first task today please can you have a look at the picture below and make a prediction, with evidence, on what you think might happen in the book. I would like 3 different points with evidence and explanations for each.


Then, please read chapter 1 making notes of any key vocabulary and add information to a Roll on the Wall for Will's character.

Chapter 1

Lesson 4:


Re-read chapter one and answer these comprehension questions. Please remember to answer them in full sentences and give as much evidence and explanation as possible.

Lesson 5:


Read chapter 2 and note down any key vocabulary and grammar. Remember to add any new information to your Roll on the Wall too.

Chapter 2