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W/C 11.01

Lesson 2:


For this lesson I want you to think about what you already know about Moses and his life story.


For the purposes of this lesson you will need to know the story in detail from the incident of the burning bush onwards (Exodus 3-15).  However, it is important that you briefly revise your knowledge of Moses in the basket being found by Pharaoh’s daughter, raised in the palace and why he ran away to Midian. (Exodus 2)


Once you have refreshed your memory on Moses answer these two questions:


What interests/puzzles you about Moses and his life?

What do you want to know about him?

Write a list of questions in your lockdown book.


After answering the questions I want you to explore the story through a clip of film – The Passover story for Seder on YouTube uses the Disney film, Prince of Egypt.


Your final task is to write a diary entry as Moses at one of the significant points in the story.

The Passover Story for Seder

This is the story of the first Passover from Exodus 1-12 and can be used during this portion of the Seder meal when the Passover story is read.I love how thi...