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W/C 08.02

Lesson 6:


For this lesson I want you to explore the meaning of the Eucharist by spending time reflecting upon the words used, such as remembrance, holy, sacrifice, mercy, salvation and faith.  In what ways does the Eucharist service answer questions about Christian beliefs?

Use the sentence starter to answer the above question;

“The words of the Eucharist show that Christians believe ………….. because…………


What do the words remembrance, holy, sacrifice, mercy, salvation and faith mean to you?

What makes something holy?

Can something/somewhere be holy and not religious?

Why is remembering important?

In what ways can a person be saved?

What does salvation/being saved in Christianity mean?

Record these answers in your book.


For your final task can you create ‘A Guide to the Eucharist’ for a member of another faith to read. The guide needs to explain what happens and why, the symbolism of the bread and wine and how the Eucharist is rooted in the Last Supper.


Challenge: Can you create a modern Eucharist service. What would you keep/change? What artefacts would you use? Would there be a need for an altar/table? Would you use bread and wine?