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Wednesday 6th January:



For this lesson we are going to start with our older literature unit on Macbeth. Firstly, I would like you to go on the link below and watch the first episode on Macbeth. From this can you write down any key characteristics of heroes and villains.

Together we will then look at the witches poem and a similar poem, from this I want you to write your own poem using the models we have looked at.

Double, Double Toil and Trouble

Watch as the witches from Shakespeare's Macbeth come alive to perform, Double Double, Toil and Trouble."

Michaela Morgan reads her poem, Elm Street Dinner

Filmed on location in the Chew Valley, Somerset, by Peter Brownlee, © Chew Valley FilmsProduced by Liz Brownlee

Thursday 7th January


For this lesson we will be looking at a book of Macbeth and the opening scene. I will go through the extract with you, making sure we understand what is happening and what certain words mean. Below I have added the pictures of the book for you to follow if you wish.

Opening scenes

Friday 8th January


For this lesson we are looking at our thoughts and feelings about Macbeth. In your books please can you answer these two questions. They will need to be *at least* 2 sentences long each and with a 'beacuse' to justify your opinions:


What do you know about Macbeth?

How do you feel about Macbeth? 


Once you have done this I would like you to watch or read the next scene. This link to the BBC video is here: 

There are also some pictures of the book extract below too.


After watching or reading, I want you to answer the questions 'How do you feel about Macbeth' again. Explaining why and how your opinions have changed.