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W/C 01.02

Lesson 5:


Look at the BDBE Last Supper Poster below. After you have looked at it read Mark’s account of the Last Supper. (Mark 14:12-26)


Can you see in the picture what they have just heard?

What else can you see?

Have you noticed the Seder plate? Why is it there?

What questions do you have?

Extension: What do you already know about the celebration of the Eucharist. Can you make any connections between what you have read from Mark’s Gospel, the poster and the Eucharist?


Your task is to ask family members and friends at home, what they know about the Eucharist.


The Eucharist service has several names. Why is this time of worship called the Eucharist/Holy Communion/Mass/The Lord’s Supper?

Looking carefully at the actual words of the service will help you to make the connections between the Eucharist, Last Supper and Passover.

Record in your lockdown book a mind map of the connections.