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WB: 4.5.20 'Eggs'

Week commencing 4.5.20



This week is all about eggs. Eggs-ploring! stories, rhymes and recipes. We will make and review some egg-citing egg based food as well as writing about eggs.

This unit was created by the Lancashire English and Literacy Team and I have adapted it for your home learning :) 

Other grammar activities.


These are optional additional activities, that will benefit your learning, but are not compulsory.

Kids classroom secrets


Login details: 

Username: 263946firstname      for example, Harry =     263946harry

Password: 123

For children who have the same name as someone else you also need your first initial of your surname 

for example:   263946avab    123


Activities for this week:


Year 3 Synonym Matching Activity 2

Year 3 Synonym Matching Activity 3

Year 3 Antonym Matching Activity 2

Year 3 Antonym Matching Activity 3

Year 3 Spring Revision Set 1


Additional Grammar sheet


Bears to complete questions 1-3

Elephants, Giraffes and Owls to complete questions 4-6

Dragons to complete questions 7-9