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WB: 4.5.20 'Capacity'

Week Commencing 4th May 2020



Here are the weeks activities for Maths. Although this weeks work is now all online it will follow the same pattern with the 'discover', 'share' and 'learn' activities that you have been doing over the last few weeks. If you have a printer and can print these'learn' pages then brilliant, if not, please complete the questions in your home learning journals. Just write the question number and calculation (where appropriate) so I know which one you are doing.


First you will see the lesson starter, the 'Discover' page for each lesson. This can be completed together and shows how the activities for the lesson should be carried out. Then you have the think together 'Share' part (in colour). This again can be worked through with guidance to ensure understanding of the new concepts. Finally the independent 'learn' questions for the lesson are the black and white pages. These are variations of the new concepts and allow the children to show me what they have learnt and how deeply they understand.


Please complete the Pre Lesson Check on Monday before Monday's activities. 


If you have any problems please don't hesitate to email me :)