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TUESDAY 13/10/2020


Watch the Paddington Goes Underground clip and then draw a story map for the key events in this part of the story. Make sure you include the important parts which make the whole clip make sense. Try to use more images than words and once you have finished have a go at retelling the story only using your story map. Try to remember our 'Talk for Writing' techniques using actions to help retell the story.

Look at the link first to the BBC Class Clip on Using Compass Points before having a go at reading Compass Points on the worksheet.
(For those in today's guided reading sessions - please read through the text and think about the questions before the afternoon session. Make a note of any vocabulary you don't understand).
We will be completing our next piece of R.E. work in class however, in preparation, please read the attached Bible reading from Leviticus 11 which you can then colour.