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Remote learning- Class 1 work examples

Well done to all of our super learners this week! Keep sending all of your amazing work to our class email, we love to see what you have been getting up to!
This week the children have been asked to create a poster explaining some of the new rules we have in place, here are just a few fantastic examples...smiley
Oscar has been segmenting words this week in his phonics and he has also done some brilliant colouring to go with it.
Merida has been working hard in all area of her learning this week, here are just a few examples of how fantastic her work is!
Well done Oakley for your phonics work, we love the bright colours you have used in your pictures.
James has been getting arty once again this week, we are loving seeing all of his creative work!
Well done to Charlie who has been working hard on his Math's and his phonics. His number formation is brilliantsmiley
Alicia has been doing some brilliant work, practicing her times tables. Well done Alicia!
Well done to James who has been writing some super sentences, as well as continuing with his brilliant art!
Xavier has done some brilliant Math's work this week looking at measuring different items. Well done Xavier!

Oakley has been making some yummy treats to practice his measuring skills. Well done Oakley!

Merida has been working hard this week on a variety of activities, well done Merida, we especially love your work on super hero's.
Elsie has been working super hard on her Math's. Well done Elsie!
Well done Charlie for your super sentences, your letter formation is brilliant!
A big shout out for James this week! He has been getting creative, painting some lovely pictures ready for our upcoming holiday. smiley 
Well done Oscar, who has been practicing his reading whilst being at home. Keep up the good work Oscar! 
Oakley has been working hard this week on his handwriting and English. Well done Oakley your letter formation is brilliant! smiley
It has definitely been a Math's week this week in year 1, we have all loved seeing your lovely photos of you work on measuring. Well done Merida!
Well done Lucas, who has been working hard on measuring in his Math's work this week. He even has a go at measuring his cat!smiley
A big well done to Lola for her super Math's work this week! She has also been measuring the lengths of different items.
This week Charlie has been working really hard on his Math's, well done Charlie!
James has been working really hard on his handwriting this week. Well done James, it has been presented beautifully!
Well done Aurelia, for being a super scientist this week, you have remembered key parts of the body and told us the function of the skull. Your fruit collage is lovely and bright with lots of different fruit. Keep up the good work! smiley
Charlie has been working really hard on both his Math's and English this week, well done Charlie your letter formation is brilliant! smiley
Well done to Elsie for her super sentences using our sound of the day from our phonics sessions! smiley
We have had some amazing work from James this week who has been working really hard on his Math's We love your drawings of you and your Daddy, as well as your caterpillars that have been coloured in beautifully. smiley
Well done Oakley, for your brilliant creative work on the magic paintbrush. Keep it up!smiley
Xavier has done some fantastic work this week in his Math's, English and Phonics. Well done Xavier, keep up the amazing work! smiley