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Guided Reading Timetable

Guided Reading


Our Guided Reading sessions will follow the same format as we have in school. You are in the same guided reading groups as you are when we are in school.


The format is as follows:


So on the days where your group is 'Guided Reading' with me, you will need to log onto the Zoom call so we can discuss the text. 

If you are on the Pre-reading Activity I would like you to read the text that I have put on for the week, you will need to find any unknown vocabulary and meanings, because in the Guided Reading session I will be asking you questions about the text.

If you are on the Post-reading Activity there are some questions that you will need to answer following on from our discussions.

If you are on Independent Reading, this is like normal where you can read any book you like. Please remember if you finish a book to still try and complete the AR Reader quiz.

If you are on Reading Comprehension task, you will need to complete the comprehension questions for that week. You do *not* need to write out the questions but have the question in your answers.

Fantastic Book Awards:


Hello, as we spoke about earlier I would like you all to make sure you are doing the AR quizzes when you have finished a book. If you have read one of our FBA (Fantastic Book Awards) books then the ones below you will be able do a quiz:


  • Frostheart
  • The boy who grew dragons
  • Evie and the animals
  • Lightning chase me home
  • The infinite lives of Maisie Day
  • A different boy
  • Agent Weasel
  • Evie in the jungle
  • The train to impossible places

I have created each of you an account on GoEpic, this is a site where you can read lots of different books online. To log in please follow the instructions below.

Each week you will still be required to read at least 3 times a week and this should be noted in your reading journal. If you are following the home learning timetable you can read to an adult during the allocated time or complete some of the activities on Oxford Owl or complete a AR Reader quiz.


I have added some reading comprehension quizzes below for you to complete in the reading time. You have as much time as required to read the passage once you have read it you should then answer the questions about the passage. You can take as much time to complete the questions, please make sure your answers are in full sentences


Below are some links to different websites where you can read online and/or have different reading games or activities, at the moment due to our situation these are free.

The AR Reader link is below so that you can still do your quizzes once you have read a book; 


Once you have read your book and want a different book or move to a different level, please use the website below. You will be able to to search for a book and then see what AR Reader band it is and if it is suitable.


Oxford Owl has lots of free ebooks that you can read, there are also some pdf activity booklets that you can complete either by printing them off or writing the questions and answers in your home learning exercise book. Please use the web link below and the username and password to access all the resources.

Class log in: WellfieldYear6

Password: Wellfield2020