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For this half term, we will be learning and exploring ‘How do Christians prepare for Christmas’.

Please complete the questions and activities below linked with this theme.

Lesson 1:


To start our topic try and answer these questions in as much detail as you can. Remember to write out the question within the answer. 

Advent is a time of preparation, what does that mean?
Who are we as Christians preparing for?
What are we preparing for?
Why is preparation needed?
How do we prepare for Christmas?
How should we be preparing for the coming of Christ?
Should this preparation only be taking place in Advent?


You can present your answers in any way you like;  short paragraphs, mind map, PPT or using PurpleMash.

Lesson 2:


The traditional themes associated with Advent are hope, peace, joy, love or The Prophets, John the Baptist, Mary and God’s people. As each candle of the Advent wreath is lit one of the themes is explored.


For this lesson can you answer the questions below about the prophets and their prophecies. You can show your answers in any way you like, maybe a story or pictures and some annotations or a short paragraph giving your answers.


First theme: The Prophets.

Who were they? 

What did they do?


A prophet is a messenger of God.  The later Prophets spoke of God’s action in the future and when he would send the Messiah.

Was Jesus the Messiah? 


Look up  the prophecies of Isaiah; Isaiah 2:1-5, 9:2, 9:6-7, 7:10-17, 11:1-10, 40:3-5 also look at Micah 5:2.

Can you see the Christmas story and the life of Jesus reflected in these prophecies?

In what ways did Jesus fulfil the prophecies? 



Lesson 3:


Can you answer the questions below and then write a diary extract to present your learning.


Third Theme: Mary 


What do you know about Mary? Create a mind map. 

When is she mentioned in the Bible? 

What did she do after Jesus was crucified? 

Mary was at the Ascension. What did she do next? 

What sort of person was she? What did she look like?

Why is Mary important? 


Imagine being Mary watching Jesus grow up. What do you think she would remember most? 

Imagine being Mary hearing about Jesus’ teaching and miracles, how would she feel?


Write a short diary extract in the thoughts and feelings of Mary.