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Welcome to the Numeracy Area. This page will provide information and activities concerning the current Numeracy topics we are investigating in class. As well as links to games and quizzes, exam style questions will be placed on here.


Place Value

For a game about place value please click here


Multiples and Factors

For a game about multiples click here. For a worksheet about multiples click here. For a game about factors click here. For a factsheet, quiz and worksheet and multiples and factors click here



For games about decimals click here. For information about decimals try this link - Decimals 10th and 100ths is a particularly good PowerPoint for an explanation of decimals.


Nets of 3D Shapes

For a video about making 3D shapes from a 2D shape click here. For a game about nets click here



For a video about reflective symmetry click here. For a worksheet click here. For an interactive activity click here. For another interactive activity click here. For a excellent website for symmetry resources click here

Multiples and factors exam style questions