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Friday 2nd October 2020


Following yesterday's lesson, I thought it was worth spending a session on comparing mm, cm and m and when we would use each measurement as well as trying to estimate measurements. 

Please follow the link to an online lesson and complete the worksheet.

Don't worry about not having Dienes in the house, 1cm is about the width of your finger.

Have a look around your house and garden and decide what items you would measure in mm, what you would measure in cm and what you would use m for. Try estimating the length of different objects and if you have a ruler or measuring tape you could check your answers. 


Thursday 1st October 2020

We are continuing to work on measure today but we need to be careful with our measuring as we will be using cm and mm. Remember there are 10mm in 1cm.

Look through the powerpoint then have a go at the first set of questions. Each page gets progressively harder so pick the page that you feel confident attempting but still challenges you. 

If you feel ready, have a go at the reasoning questions on the second document. 

Wednesday 30th September 2020

We are going to start looking at measure and perimeter. Have a look at the attached presentation and then try some of the questions yourself. You only need to do the questions on the left or right of a page (ie. either questions a or b). The questions get harder on each page. Complete the questions you can do independently.