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If your child or anyone in your household has symptoms of Covid-19 then your child must not attend school but they and everyone in your household must follow the guidance issued by Public Health England on self isolating for 7 or 14 days as appropriate.  In this case, please contact school and we will agree with you on what date your child can return to school.


If you child shows symptoms of Covid-19 whilst at school, they will be immediately quarantined within school and you will be contacted and requested to collect your child as soon as possible.  A return to school date based on the guidance issued by Public Health England will be agreed with you.


If you child is unwell but not showing symptoms of Covid-19 we would ask that you not send your child in to school until you have contacted school.  We will discuss your child’s symptoms with you and agree whether or not your child can attend school and if not agree an appropriate date for your child to return to school.