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Please find above the online learning timetable for Spring Term 2. Please note the change in organisation and times. The full class will attend input sessions together and children will be able to remain online in order to receive additional support if required. You will receive Teams invites to join these lessons. Please make sure you are sat somewhere quiet where you will be able to join in without any distractions and have a pencil, ruler, your home learning journal and anything else you may need ready. Separate Teams invites will be sent out for the guided reading sessions. 

Afternoon activities will continue to be added to the class webpages with worksheets also accessible through Teams. However, we understand the importance of reducing screen time, therefore we will endeavour to provide learning opportunities for the wider curriculum away from the computer wherever possible.

I look forward to seeing you all soon!

Teams Playground in Spring Term 2 will move to Wednesdays between 3:00pm-3:20pm for the children to keep in touch and play games together.

A separate Teams invite will be sent out for these sessions.

Spring Term Enrichment Activities

Class Prayer

(please send in your own to add to the page)


Dear God,

I am enjoying Lockdown but I really want to go back to school and please help everyone who has Covid-19 get better and please could you get rid of Covid-19 so all the people around the world get to hug and see all of their family members. 


(Sent in by Mione - wc08/02/2021)


Dear God,

Please help the poor. Keep everything and everyone safe. Make everyone happy and kind.


(Sent in by Oliver M - wc01/02/2021)


I hope that my friends and family are happy and safe and that we can all be together again soon.


(Sent in by Elizabeth - wc25/01/2021)

#FeelingProud of all the amazing work taking place at home and in school!

Archived Resources from Spring Term 1 - Home Learning Timetable

#FeelingProud of all your Home Learning efforts!