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Group 3 activities

This Week, we are going to recap some of the sounds from the past few weeks.


Start each session by playing the phase 2 and phase 3 tricky word songs. Then watch the video for that session, showing how to pronounce the sound correctly. After that, complete the daily activity to consolidate each sound.


Please send in your child's work to 'evidence me', the class email or drop off at the school office.



Phase 2 - Tricky word song

Phase 3 - Tricky word song

Session 1 - 08.02.2021 - 'ow' sound

Session 1 activity

Session 2 - 09.02.2021 - 'oi' sound

Session 2 activity

Session 3 - 10.02.2021 - 'ear' sound

Session 3 activity

Session 4 - 11.02.2021 - 'air' sound

Session 4 activity

Session 5 - 12.02.2021 - 'ure' sound

As a Friday treat, log into phonics play an play any of the games but focus on the 'ure' sound.