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There are plenty of extra activities available on Emile Education and Classroom Secrets.
Week commencing 30/3/20

Lesson 1 and 2

Read the Powerpoint above. Create your own explanation text. Use the teacher pleaser as a model to write your own explanation text. Can you create your own machine to keep your teachers happy? Draw a picture and label , then write a explanation of how it works. 

Lesson 3 and 4

It is time to be creative. You must design your own invention. Draw and label the design. Use the PowerPoint as a model text. Remember to include all the features of explanation texts.

Lesson 5- Grammar

Watch the video clip and then complete the activity. 

Progressive tense activity

Complete this activity on conjunctions

Week commencing 23/3/20


Please find all activities available in your pack for this week. Next week all your activities will be available on the website.

Our class novels for the Summer term.