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Friday 2nd October 2020


There were some fantastic setting descriptions yesterday and everyone was starting to recognise ambitious and exciting vocabulary for description. Therefore, I would like to continue exploring our vocabulary banks today by completing a 'Zones of Relevance' Board.

On the presentation is an image of the centre of London and an example of how to complete a 'Zones of Relevance' Board. 

I have provided a set of adjectives to start you off. Decide how strong the adjective is at describing the image, the strongest go in the middle of the board with the weakest towards the outside. Any adjectives which do not describe the image accurately should be put in the white area outside the target board.

Once you've put all my words on the board have a go at choosing some words of your own. You could use a thesaurus to help you do this.

Thursday 1st October

Please look at the example of a setting description adapted from 'A Bear Called Paddington.' Identify the expanded noun phrases and look how they have been used to 'paint a picture' in the reader's head.

Have a go at describing your own setting for your short story. It could be a train station just like in the story or you could use a different setting such as an airport or ferry port. 

Remember to use expanded noun phrases (adjective+adjective+noun) in your writing (underline examples of these) and check your work once you have finished using the checklist.

Wednesday 30th September 2020

I would like you to continue creating exciting expanded noun phrases using the pattern:

Adjective + Adjective + Noun (+ additional detail).

Use the images to help you write imaginative sentences using expanded noun phrases.