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Week Commencing 23rd March 2020




This week is when we start writing our new Gulliver's Travels story. The first part of the week I would like you to re-write each paragraph with your own ideas and then by the end of the week you should be able to write your own 'Gulliver's Travels' story.

I will put a model of each paragraph on here for you to be able to read and magpie ideas, you can either re-write this in your own words on PurpleMash and send it to me to mark and edit. Or you can write it in your home learning expertise book, upload a photo of this and again I will mark and edit.

After we have done this for each paragraph I will expect you to complete a new story based on our models. Your final piece will need to be sent via a photograph or PurpleMash for me to use as an assessment piece of work.


Please see the WAGOLL and separate paragraphs below. You should be able to use these to create your own paragraphs which will link to each section. As we have in class please try to improve mine as much as possible and add your own ideas.

Each week I will upload a different spelling list for you to practice and then have an adult test you on.

Week Commencing 23rd March Spelling list

Here I will set some grammar and punctuation activities that you can complete.


These will be done via KidsClassroomSecrets which I have signed us all up for. I have attached the parent letter for information. To confirm your child's log in is the number 130830 and then their first name, for example 130830john. All passwords are 123.


Week Commencing 23rd March 2020 - SPaG activities


  1. Year 4 Autumn Revision

  2. Determiners and prepositional phrases

  3. Clauses

  4. Expanding sentences using conjunctions 

  5. Expanding sentences using adverbs 


23.03.2020 Kids Classroom Secrets

Week Commencing 30th March 2020


This week our learning will focus on the text type of non-chronological reports.

A non-chronological report is a piece of nonfiction writing which doesn't follow events in order of time.

There are different kinds of non-chronological reports for example formal letters, informational leaflets and instructions are all non-chronological reports.

A non-chronological report is written about a single topic and has a range of different facts or information about the topic.


We will start the week off by looking at the key features and vocabulary, children will need to watch the video and then using one of the non-chronological reports make a list of all the key features they have found. They should then make a list of key vocabulary, for example technical language and their meaning.

For our third lesson I would like you to put the non-chronological report in the correct order.

The next lesson is the start of writing our own non chronological report. Using the template if you want you will need to research a topic – this need to be a single topic and has a range of different facts or information about that topic. You do not have to use the template. You can use the internet, books and adults to help you find information out.

Finally, using the research you have found please write it in the style of a non-chronological report. Here is a WAGOLL to help.

Week Commencing 30th March - Spellings


Here are the spellings for next week, please get an adult to test you.