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Class R from September 2020

A big hello and warm welcome to all the new boys and girls who have started school. Also a very warm welcome to our parents. We hope that this year is going to be filled with lots of fun, curiosity, exploration and independent learning. It is important that your child settles into school life and feels safe. 


During the first few weeks the foundation stage team will be observing and talking to your child to get to know them and also make a baseline assessment so that we know what your child can already do and what they need to work on. Once this has been completed teaching and learning will begin.


Your child will be part of a house-Towneley, Queens, Scotts or Thompson. They will be given house points during the day for good work, being kind and helpful or anything else that needs to be recognised. We also have a behaviour chart so during the day your child may move onto a bronze, silver or gold medal. In the event of unacceptable behaviour your child may be shown a yellow card. If their behaviour then improves they will go back to the start of the behaviour chart. In the rare event of the behaviour not improving a red  card will be shown and a text will be sent to you to inform you of this behaviour. 

The reception class curriculum is very exciting and very hands on. We use a lot of resources such as ingredients for cooking and other items used for interesting mark making and items for topic work which in turn will help to improve fine motor control, aid mathematical development, language development and also improve creativity. We try our best to ensure children wear suitable aprons for the very messy activities but sometimes the children may forget or their aprons unfasten. I apologise in advance for any messy clothes! At least you know they are having fun ! smiley


Miss Edmundson

Home learning Information


As Year R are now isolating for 2 weeks, I will be uploading all of the home learning onto our class page. To ensure your child continues to progress with their learning, it's important that your child completes the daily challenges and attends the zoom phonics teaching sessions. 


You can contact me directly on the class email address: if you have any questions or need help with anything.  I am aware that everyone will not have access to a printer at home, so if you need learning sheets printed, please let me or the school office know so we can print them out for you and you can collect them from the school office. 


I am looking forward to seeing the work that the children produce so please email any completed work to the class email address. Any additional learning evidence is very much welcomed! 


Please also find below a timetable that will guide you through the home learning, this is very similar to the one that we have in school in order to keep consistency for the children. However, it is just a guide, if you have your own timetable and it works for you, then continue with that. 


Thank you for your continued support. I am already looking forward to being back into school with Year R!


Please take care everyone and see you all soon!

Miss Edmundson smiley