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Arriving and Leaving School

The health and safety of our children, staff and community are priority at this time therefore strict guidelines will be followed when asking for children to be dropped off and collected from school. 


Coming into School

Only one adult can drop off children; you must stand in a line with your child.  You must be 2 meters apart.  The markings on the floor will show you where to stand.


Leaving School


Only one adult can collect your child from school; you must collect your child and leave the school premises straight away. Please queue at the door following the 2 metre guidance. 


If your child is in year 6 and usually walks home without an adult, they must go home straight away.  You should explain to your child that they should not walk with friends.


Please see below for a timetable outlining the entrances and exits for all children. 


If you need to speak to a staff member regarding your child, please contact the school office to arrange a telephone meeting at the most appropriate time.