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Afternoon Work

Week 14 activities - w.b. 20th July 2020
Week 13 activities - w.b. 13th July 2020
A little something different for our afternoon work this week. It is time to be reflective and think about the amazing progress you have made this year. Choose a few of the activities in the pack below to complete. Enjoy!
Week 12 activities - w.b. 6th July 2020
Week 11 activities - w.b. 29th June 2020
Week 10 activities - w.b. 22nd June 2020
Week 9 activities - w.b. 15th June 2020
Week 8 activities - w.b. 8th June 2020

Tuesday 9th June 2020

Wednesday 10th June

Thursday 11th June

Friday 12th June


Enjoy some PE activity whether it is a bike ride, a walk or a game in the garden. Don't forget to send me a picture! I love to see them.



Week 7 activities

This is the  last week before what should have been our half term holiday. Please be aware of yours and the children's mental wellbeing. The end of this coming week is meant to be beautiful. Make the most of it. Enjoy the outdoors! 


Remember there is no pressure from school in terms of home learning and if you think your child needs a break or a change of scenery for a few hours, feel free!


Any concerns at all then please email me!

Challenge a family member

Create a book review of a text you have read recently

Week 6 activities

‘Inspired by Attenborough’ on the Eden website (here) is a series of lessons and videos about the natural world.


Look at lessons 1, 3, 4 and 6 as a little project.


Activities will include an encyclopaedia entry on a creature, a quiz about David Attenborough, creation of your own dangerous plant and the exploration of a habitat on your daily walk. Enjoy being creative! Don’t forget the pictures

Challenge a family member

Week 5 activities


VE Day stands for Victory in Europe Day which took place on Tuesday, May 8, 1945. This Friday marks 75 years since this remarkable day in our history. I want you to learn as much as you can about VE Day and what led to it. You can write diary of a soldier, newspaper articles explaining VE Day. YOU are completely in charge of your own learning this week!


I will attach some packs to help you including powerpoints and a few other things. Takes some pictures and show me what you get up to! smiley

Week 4 activities

Challenge a family member

Fancy a bit of baking?

Compare localities

What was Baghdad like in 900AD?

Week 3 Activities

Challenge a Family Member

Research Baghdad (place) and why it is well known.

Create a skateboard (Linked to Science)

Science - Life Cycles

Week 1 activities

Research a mountain

Challenge a family member

Investigate the effects of friction

Mountain Travel - Read through the powerpoint and conplete the activity in your book.

Week 2 activities

Challenge a family member

RE - Artwork - resurrection of Jesus Christ

PSHE/ RE - Our own experiences of victory

Art / RE - Create a collage of the word 'Victory'. The more creative the more team points on our return to school.

Your final task for this week is one of enjoyment. Being isolated at home isn't fun but exercise and your own wellbeing is important. Make the most of your time in the outdoors and walk / cycle / play games with your siblings. Forget about school work for a few hours. This time with our loved ones is very special. Make the most of it! 


Miss you all,


Mr G