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Afternoon Activities

Week Commencing 23rd March and 30th March




Here I have created a topic grid for a variety of activities for you to complete on our key subjects; History, Geography, Science and RE. If you are following our home learning timetable you can choose which activity you would like to do each afternoon. I would suggest picking one of these tasks to do per day. 


I have also included an example of a range of non-screen time activities that you could complete. 


When you have done any of the activities please could you either send me a photograph of the end product or work from your exercise book, or send me your work via PurpleMash. 


Thank you.

Here are the 2Do links if you would like to complete your work on PurpleMash and also some web links for any information or ideas that I think might be useful.


The Easter story


Judas betraying Jesus in pictures


The story of Judas betraying Jesus 




Create a fact file about the ear - you can complete the Human Ear 2diy and then a leaflet. They have both been set as a 2Do.


Make a string telephone


Make an instrument with things around the home


Write a fact file about an Eastern European country we have looked at. There are different fact file templates on PurpleMash for you to use. You might have to change the name of the country at the top depending on which one you choose.

Make a travel itinerary for a holiday to one of our countries.

Write a postcard from one of our chosen holidays.

A blank postcard template has been set as a 2Do.







Write a diary as if you were a warrior in the Shang Dynasty. A 2Do has been set to help you.


Create a fact file about the religion and Gods from the Shang Dynasty. A 2Do has been set to help you.


Explain who Fu Hao was and why discovering her tomb was so important.  A 2Do has been set to help you.