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Afternoon Activities



Here I have created a list of activities for you to complete on our key subjects; History, Geography, Science, PSHE and RE. If you are following our home learning timetable you can choose which activity you would like to do each afternoon. I would suggest picking one/two of these tasks to do per day. 


I have also included an example of a range of non-screen time activities that you could complete. This is available in your child's pack.


When you have done any of the activities please could you either record the work in your book, send me a photograph of the end product or send me your work via PurpleMash. 


Thank you.

Week commencing- 23rd March 
Computing- Log in to Purple Mash and complete your text adventure. Remember there are videos available to help you.
Science- Log on to Purple Mash to complete an activity about the human body. They are in the 2do section.
Geography- Create an information leaflet, explaining what fair trade is. Why should we buy fair trade products?
RE- Log on to Purple Mash. Look in your 2dos. Watch the Easter Story. Write a letter to your friend explaining what has happened.

PSHE- BE POSITIVE- Write down five things that make you feel happy or proud. For example:

When I won an award in gymnastics or when I got 10/10 in my spelling test.

Week commencing 30th March 2020

Geography- Read the powerpoint and follow the link to answer the questions.

Research Judaism and write as much information about this Religion. Remember to include important festivals. 

Science- Log on to Purple Mash. Complete an activity about the human body. You may need to do some research. 

After Easter- Week commencing 20th April