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Commotion In The Ocean by Giles Andreae - YouTube

Please watch/listen to this before the English lesson if you can. 

Yesterday's phonics sheet (Sorry for the mix-up), could complete today instead.

Please send emails of photographs of your child participating in any of their activities of their choice! Whether it is a photograph of themselves, or of something they have produced! We look forward to seeing these photographs- we will be adding them to our 'Wellfield Well-being Friday's' Year 1 displaysmiley



Guided Reading Carousel

All to complete the set task on Purple Mash. 


Can you retell the traditional story for Little Red Riding Hood?

  • Think about : The beginning, middle and end to the story
  • Think about adjectives for description
  • Think about how the characters are feeling
  • Think about the setting- where the story is set


Complete by today smiley