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Please watch this clip before the English zoom if you can! Discuss what you can see.


Zooms are normal times today

Funky phonics for some pupils is at 13:45

Today's assembly to be done so at home- 'Picture News' assembly resources at bottom of this page!


Please email me updates of work for this week if you haven't already done so. Thank you in advance!

Guided Reading Carousel

Red and Yellow  group to complete the set task on Purple Mash. 

Blue group- Your comprehension sheet is attached below for Deep Down Weird ( You can do the Purple Mash task tomorrow during Guided Reading. smiley


Can you retell the traditional story for Little Red Riding Hood?

  • Think about : The beginning, middle and end to the story
  • Think about adjectives for description
  • Think about how the characters are feeling
  • Think about the setting- where the story is set


Remember to check that your story makes sense! You have got today's guided session and tomorrow's too- take your time! smiley


Blue group comprehension task