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25th January

RSPB Big Birdwatch

Do you know what the initials RSPB stand for? Find out and join in the annual birdwatch this weekend.

Click the image to watch from a live cam:

Guided Reading tasks this week:

Guided Reading Group 4 Tasks:




This week we are looking at nutrition. You should receive your log in for Developing Experts this week. The lesson is scheduled for Tuesday. 

On Monday I will be conducting a survey to help you with the investigation which is pat of the lesson.

Please log in so that your progress may be monitored.  

Have fun.

Science Food Survey Results to help with today's work.


This week the lesson is on dance - Superman will be there to help you.

Open the document below.

Little Book of Hope

Keep this book by your bed and write what makes you happy in it, add your pictures as well.

Yoga activities - if you feel a little anxious or just need to relax, then open the document and click on the links.


DT - healthy living

Watch these videos to learn more about a healthy diet.

Eating a varied diet:


Five types of foods:


Food needed by the body:


Why do we need to eat?



Now create your own 'Eatwell Plate' - click on this one first: