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Week of 11th Jan


Last week we spoke about the shepherds and the Good News they heard from the angel. Think about the good news the shepherds may have told.

Now write your own news report telling the good news of the Christmas story.

Write a possible headline about the good news.

If you want to write a report, then here is a writing frame to use and an example of a news report. I have added another as an example, started by me.

P.E. - remember to stay active. You can choose when to do these activities.






This week we are starting our topic on humans. The first lesson is about exercise.


Art and Design

This term as part of our geography topic, we are looking at the weather and how it changes.

Can you create a collage which shows the season of winter?

Use the link to watch a video for help.


This week we are starting a diary about the weather in our area. 

You can take pictures, or draw your own, as part of your descriptions.

Your diary should include any changes in the weather; temperatures where possible.  

You can also include some scientific observations by also recording what is happening with the plants. Maybe you could even take a leaf rubbing.