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Year 6

Welcome to Year 6's page!

Picture 1 Mrs C. Slater (Class Teacher)
Picture 2 Mrs C. Briggs (Teaching Assistant)
Picture 3 Miss J Shekleton (Class teacher)

Our Routines

Year 6 have PE on Tuesday afternoon and Wednesday morning. Please make sure your child has full PE kit every week, including fresh socks. 


Homework is collected and set on a Friday. This will include spellings, which are tested Friday morning. If your child is struggling with homework we are happy to help at break time or after school.


Reading records must be in class every day. These must be signed at least 3 times during the week otherwise your child must attend reading club on a Friday. 


Snacks are available at break time; You can order these through ParentPay.


SATs club will be on a Wednesday and Friday after school till 4.15.

Homework club will be on a Monday lunchtime.

Reading club is on a Friday afternoon playtime.

Our Classroom

Our Classroom 1

Staying positive for SATs! 🍀

Easter fun

During the Easter holidays there will be an event at Lancaster Castle all to do with the Normans, which is our history topic for this half term. It looks like a really good day and Lancaster Castle is always worth a visit if you have time this Easter.

I have attached the link below: 

Testing our aeroplanes.

Testing our aeroplanes. 1
Testing our aeroplanes. 2
Testing our aeroplanes. 3
We planned our own investigation to see which type of plane was the best. Helana's paper plane went far and so did Sianna and Jenson's long, thin designs. We collected data and took average readings.

Our finished designs

Our finished designs 1
Our finished designs 2
Our finished designs 3
Our finished designs 4
Our finished designs 5
Our finished designs 6
Our finished designs 7
Our finished designs 8
Our finished designs 9
Our finished designs 10
Our finished designs 11
Our finished designs 12
Our finished designs 13
Our finished designs 14
Our finished designs 15
Our finished designs 16
Our finished designs 17
Our finished designs 18
Our finished designs 19
Our finished designs 20
Our finished designs 21
Our finished designs 22

Science week

Science week 1
Science week 2
Science week 3
Science week 4
Science week 5
Science week 6

So far we have learnt all about aeroplanes, designed our own, and built them! Tomorrow we are going to test which ones go the furthest and see if we can draw a conclusion. 

We have written down lots of questions and we are going to complete research on the new laptops to find out the answers. 

Vicious Vikings

Vicious Vikings 1

We have spent a lot of time researching all about the Vikings and the beginning of the Norman period in England. We have designed our own shields and written information texts. 

All ready for Gangsta Granny!

All ready for Gangsta Granny! 1

Our visit from Mrs Slater

Our visit from Mrs Slater 1
Our visit from Mrs Slater 2
Our visit from Mrs Slater 3
Our visit from Mrs Slater 4
Our visit from Mrs Slater 5

Hello Baby Slater!

Hello Baby Slater!  1
Hello Baby Slater!  2
Hello Baby Slater!  3
Eve Elizabeth was born on the 22nd February. We are looking forward a visit soon!

World Book Day

World Book Day 1
World Book Day 2
World Book Day 3
World Book Day 4
World Book Day 5
World Book Day 6
World Book Day 7
World Book Day 8
World Book Day 9
World Book Day 10
World Book Day 11
World Book Day 12
World Book Day 13
World Book Day 14
World Book Day 15
World Book Day 16
World Book Day 17
World Book Day 18
World Book Day 19
World Book Day 20
World Book Day 21
We spent time with the children in reception class reading to them. It was really fun and we got to practise our storytelling!

Happy New Year

Welcome back Year 6, I hope you had a lovely Christmas and spent lots of time celebrating with your family and friends. We have a very busy half term ahead of us. We are very lucky as well as Mrs. Briggs, we have a new Teaching Assistant joining us. She is called Mrs Findlow and will be working with lots of booster groups to support and prepare you ready for your SATs in May. Miss Shekleton will also be working closely with Year 6. Please check out the our curriculum overview to see what areas we will be covering this term.   Mrs Slater

English- A Christmas Carol- Charles Dickens

PGL 2016

PGL 2016 1
PGL 2016 2