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The Governing Body of Wellfield School meets three times a term - once each for Standards and Effectiveness (SEC) and Resources Committees and once as the Full Governing Body. There are also various smaller and sub-committees that meet regularly and these meeting are not included in the attendance figures.  It is  responsible for setting the strategic framework of the school and monitoring its implementation. It acts as a 'critical friend' by holding the Head teacher to account for the educational performance of the school and its pupils. The Governing Body also oversees the finances of the school; making sure money is well spent. 

Chair of the Governing Body

On Friday 3rd March our Governors visited school to have a look at all of our initiatives to promote and improve reading in school. They were also thinking about 'Are our children happy and safe in school?'

They all agreed that they had a fabulous day and saw lots of reading initiatives. The Governors were impressed by the ability of the children to articulate their ideas and discuss concepts. In terms of reading they saw:


  • A lovely busy library (although a bit noisy with the hall next door)
  • Class novels being read
  • Every child in KS2 with a reading book on their table
  • Books outside in the Year R and 1 play areas (Reading den/shed)
  • Guided reading
  • Book fair
  • Exciting and inviting reading corners
  • Comprehension work
  • Teaching Assistants supporting children's reading
  • Variety of reading materials including comics and newspapers
  • Extreme reading display
  • Interventions such as IDL cloud
  • Espresso ( On-line Reading / News articles)
  • Displays in classrooms and HUGE variety of vocabulary
  • Children covered in words for World book Day


In the afternoon the Governors chatted to children from The School Council about their ideas in relation to reading and how they felt about happiness and safety in school. They did this  whilst eating a cream tea of scones, jam & cream; all baked by the School Council.


A very successful day - Thankyou our lovely Governors !

Mrs Alison Barron - Associate Headteacher

Ex Officio

Responsibilities: SEC, Resources, Curriculum

Term of Office: 23.04.19 - 

Pecuniary Interests: Headteacher at St Paul's C of E Primary, Oswaldtwistle 


Mrs Chloe Moretta - Chair of Governors

LEA Governor - Year 5 Governor

Responsibilities: SEC, Resources, Literacy, Safeguarding & Child Protection, Behaviour, Pupil Premium, Headteacher Appraisal

Term of Office:  - 11.03.19 - 10.03.23

                       Pecuniary Interests: Cherry Fold Primary School (Staff)


Mrs Joanne Malpass - Vice Chair of Governors

Foundation Governor (Anglican PCC) - Year 2 Governor

Responsibilities: SEC, Pay Committee, Inclusion (SEND), Science, Pupil Premium, Website Compliance

Term of Office: 05.02.18 to 04.02.22

Pecuniary Interests: None 



Fr. Charlie Hill

Foundation Governor Ex Officio (Anglican) - Reception Governor

Responsibilities: SEC, Curriculum, Pay Committee, Inclusion (SEND), RE, Parent Voice  

Term of Office:  17.01.19 - 16.01.23

                       Pecuniary Interests: Governor at Hendon Brook PRU  


Rev. Mark Jason 

Foundation Governor Ex Officio (Methodist) Year 6 Governor

Responsibilities: Resources, Headteacher Appraisal, RE, Staff Voice / Wellbeing

Term of Office: 21.2.19 - 20.02.23

Pecuniary Interests: Governor at Hapton CE/Methodist Primary School




Mrs Hannah Cutler

Foundation Governor (Anglican Diocese)  - Year 4 

Responsibilities:  SEC, Resources, Headteacher Appraisal, Maths, Health & Safety

Term of Office:  21.5.18 to 20.5.22

Pecuniary Interests:     


Miss Christina Harpur

Staff Governor

Responsibilities: Curriculum, Staff Health & Safety Representative, Link / Training

Term of Office:  08.03.16 - 07.03.20 

Pecuniary Interests: Class Teacher at Wellfield Anglican & Methodist Church School



Mrs Stephanie Reid  

Foundation Governor (Methodist Church) - Year 1 Governor

Responsibilities: Curriculum, Pay Committee, Admissions,  SRE & PSE

Term of Office:  11.12.17 - 10.12.21

Pecuniary Interests:  None


Mrs Nicole Walton

Parent Governor - Year 3 Governor 

Responsibilities:  SEC, Admissions, PE & Sports Premium, Assessment, 

Term of Office:  -  13.03.18 - 12.03.22

Pecuniary Interests:  None   


Mrs Kay Wyatt 

Co-opted Governor

Responsibilities: Admissions, Marketing & Promotions

Term of Office:  - 25.02.19 - 24.02.23

Pecuniary Interests: Office Manager at Wellfield, Owner of GK Electrical is distant relative 


Mrs Marie Kirk

Parent Governor - Year 5 Governor

Responsibilities: Curriculum, Resources, Finance, Pupil Voice

Term of Office: 13.05.19 - 13.05.23

Pecuniary Interests: 



Foundation Governor (Anglican PCC)


Term of Office: 

Pecuniary Interests: 


Mrs Wendy Fryer

Foundation Governor (Methodist) Year 3 Governor

Responsibilities: Curriculum, Computing & IT Development, 

Term of Office: 01.05.19- 01.05.23

Pecuniary Interests:













Mrs Christina Regan - Associate Headteacher

Ex Officio

Responsibilities: SEC, Resources, Health & Safety, Assessment

Term of Office: 1st January 2019 - 22nd April 2019

Pecuniary Interests: Headteacher at Wellfield