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These websites have many games to help support your child's progress in phonics. 


In numeracy we have been learning about tens and units. Below are links to some games that we really enjoy playing in class that help us to learn!


New games for Friday 28th June


Practise partitioning numbers with this interactive activity.

New games for Friday 5th July


Practise number bonds to 10 with this game.


Use your knowledge of the number bonds to 10 to play this game.

New game for Friday 12th July


Use the number line to add or take away.

We have been learning to add larger numbers by using a number line. The level of difficulty can be changed easily on this game. When working on level 2 or 3 with addition on the game; the children should add lots of ten and then the units. For example: to add 26 the children should press the +10 button twice to add 20 and then they could either press the +1 button 6 times to add the units or press the +6 button once. I hope you enjoy playing this game.